On February 4th, 2012, Mike deGruy was killed in a tragic helicopter crash while on assignment in Australia. Capturing the loss of such a charismatic character in words is impossible, but someone like Mike, with his positive energy, effervescence and goodwill, would want us to carry on and celebrate the good times we all had together.

The family wishes to thank everyone for the incredible outpouring of loving support they’ve received these past few months and would like to share images from Mike’s life and video from his February 12th Celebration of Life.

Mike loved his communities – his Santa Barbara and Mobile communities, his school pals, his filmmaking tribe, his passionate environmental cohorts, his deep-sea adventurers and his fellow ocean warriors – and he would love to know they are all still connected so please feel free to share stories, memories, pictures, anything that evokes Mike for all to see. Most of all, he would want us all to carry on doing the things we loved best royal market, working together to make the world - especially the ocean, the place he loved the most - a healthier place.

A documentary about Mike deGruy is now in production. Join us at Diving Deep to learn more.


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